Butterfly World Zoo is really excited about this concept. It teaches valuable principles and it is the simplest thing to make…even your 3 year old would love to help!!

Admitting to the next generation that we did not do our best to curb the amount of waste on rubbish dumps and teaching them alternatives, is not only a good idea, it is becoming crucial.

In stead of dumping your rubbish, why not make an Ecobrick and let the young ones help you?

Here is how to make your Ecobrick: 

  1. Compress clean and dry plastic waste into a 2l “Coke” bottle.
  2. Use a dowel stick to compress each layer tightly to make a rock hard brick.
  3. To test the hardness, do a squish test. Squeeze the bottle. If it gives more than 10% of the bottle’s size, it is not ready yet and can more plastic fit into the bottle.
  4. Bring your Ecobrick in to Butterfly World Zoo, we do the squish test, and if it’s ready, you receive 10% off your entrance fee per person per bottle. For every Ecobrick you bring in, you get an additional 10% off.

So we pile on the discount as you bring in the Ecobricks!!!

Schools groups also benefit from the above offer, PLUS

The group that brings in the most bottles per person, before 30 November this year, wins a free trip to Butterfly World Zoo for the school, or the individuals (teachers included) So if you are just a small class, you have as much chance as the bigger classes. Winners will be announced by 5 December 2017.

 …and again we will pile on the freebies as you bring in the Ecobricks!!