School Visits

Edu – Centre: Interactive sessions with school groups.

Environmental education is made as exciting as it is mind blowing. Bring your school, home school groups, students, or friends for an environmental educational outing. The eco-lesson is presented by a qualified teacher. We cover the life cycle of butterflies in a unique way (of course) and bring exotic animals into the classroom for groups to see up close, experience and touch. We do not do lessons on environmental issues that children can do nothing about, instead we show them the beauty, variety and splendour of a creation worth preserving.

Our message is simple: Appreciate, don’t keep.

How it works:

  1. Send us an email to or call us on 021 8755628 with the date and time you have in mind.
  2. If the date and time is available, we send you a registration form.
  3. You complete the form and send it back to us
  4. We send you a confirmation of your booking and then….
  5. We see you at Butterfly World Zoo on the arranged date!
  6. The group goes to the Edu-Centre on arrival.
  7. The group takes a self-guided tour of the gardens.
  8. Please bring Pencils for the treasure hunt-style worksheet.

To qualify for school group discount a group has to

  • … be a Bona Fide School. (This includes Home School Groups)
  • … have 10 paying children or more
  • … have a time slot booked in the edu-centre
  • Note: Free entrance does not apply to school groups. All children who are part of the school group pay entrance fee regardless of age

Other Groups:

  • Student Groups  (min 10)
  • Pensioner Groups (min 10)
  • Adult Groups (min 10)

To qualify for group discount:

  • Groups that have pre-booked through
  • Bookings during week days of the school term only.  No discount group bookings during weekends, school holidays or public holidays
  • A group consists of 10 or more visitors per category eg 10 students. (5 students and 5 adults do not qualify as a group, it has to be 10 adults or 10 students, etc)


Inside the Edu – Centre:

  • A qualified teacher
  • Animals that visit to meet the group.
  • Pictures help groups identify different kinds of butterflies and other exotic creatures in the  gardens.
  • Children enter the gardens armed with a Treasure hunt-style worksheet.


  • During school terms, Mondays to Fridays at 9h00, 10h00 and 11h00
  • No group bookings during weekends, public holidays, or school holidays.

(We’re just too full in those times)

Visiting tour groups, contact for a special arrangement. 

Entry fees for Groups:

  • School groups: R28 per child, R46 per accompanying Adult
  • Adult Groups: R71 pp
  • Pensioner Groups: R57 pp
  • Student Groups: R 46 pp