Skeleton Park

Whether you are interested in animal anatomy, or you would like to show your kids what the “inside of an animal” looks like, or you want to experience walking through a present day dinosaur park, the new 100m2 entrance hall at Butterfly World will do the trick. The Road Kill Skeleton Park is the largest display of privately owned animal skeletons in the country. It is the work of a boy and his father using animal carcasses mainly from animals that died on our roads.

Francois Malherbe was 3 years old when he was fascinated by animal bones and this grew into a unique, highly specialised hobby over the years. At the time Butterfly World opened this new Skeleton Park in 2016, Francois was 12 years old. He filled the space with over 50 skeletons perfectly preserved and meticulously poised. A fascinating experience for all ages.

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